Time of Singing

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What We’re Made For

Sing to one another psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Eph 5…This verse is one of the most joyful verses of invitation into the heart of God in the word. What if we did it!?

The heart of God is available in song. I like to look at singing like the ancients as part of the daily norm. In my mind and my heart there is almost always a song being sung. I don’t know why I hear it so often, except that I hear that it’s the same way in heaven. Maybe it’s a built in homing device to orient us, or to prepare us to enter in to the visible eternity. God’s song to us is calling us home.

God sings over His people. Have you ever heard Him sing over you? Zeph 3:17. I think we can hear His song over us if we will listen for it. When we are quiet and seek Him or when we read His word, especially the joy passages, we can hear the delight He carries over us as His children, His Bride, and His Priests who minister to Him. The priestly songs are one of His highest delights and one of our highest callings. When we sing His songs using His words directly to Him we fulfill the reason the we are made. He loves the sound of our voices!

Singing to one another is a part of singing to God. We have prophetic words for one another and when we sing His words of hope, destiny, identity, encouragement and blessing, we change the spiritual atmosphere around a person and bring them to another place; the place of God’s eternal enjoyment. We become the messengers and and song birds that God meant for His priests/sons/bride to be. We don’t even have to sing well to be effect because what comes from the heart is much louder and clearer in heaven then what comes from the mouth… Sing to one another. You should try it!


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