7Thunders Teams

Invitations to Conferences, Events & Speaking Engagements

Thank you for extending an invitation for 7Thunders to visit your ministry through participation in a conference or special event. To ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, we have compiled a list of helpful guidelines, suggestions and requests. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding the items listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Conference & Event Fees

Our heart is to have as many participants involved as possible. Our suggestion is to keep the fees and registration costs within the $25 per person range as well as to keep all evening meetings open to the public at no extra cost.

Themes & Topics

We understand there are often specific themes and topics related to conferences & events. Be sure to pass that information along to 7Thunders so that we may prepare our teams to carry the overall spirit and message you have in mind.

Offering & Honorarium

We request that offerings be taken for 7Thunders to financially bless the ministry team and for the advancement of the 7Thunders message. Since7Thunders does not take any of the registration admission proceeds, two ways your city can bless the team for its ministry are through honorariums and offering collections.

7Thunders Product

One of the means 7Thunders funds its ministry is through product sales. We generally bring several boxes of 7Thunders product when traveling. From time to time, we request the assistance of our host in providing volunteers to help run the product table. We also ask that ours be the only product table at events where 7Thunders is the primary ministry team.

Registration List

In relation to events which require participants to register, 7Thunders requests a copy of the registration list (names, email & addresses) that we may add them to our list of product catalog recipients.

Travel & Accommodations

Air transport, housing and meal arrangements for 7Thunders ministry teams are areas that need to be addressed in the planning & coordinating processes.

International & Domestic Transportation

7Thunders typically requests the ministry and/or ministries hosting a7Thunders traveling team provide for all transport inclusive of airfare, airport pickup & drop off, train fare, bus fare, and on occasion, rental car services. In addition, transportation to & from all ministry sites and lodging.

In certain cases, 7Thunders teams are able to drive to ministry sites within a reasonable distance.

Lodging & Meals

In most cases and especially for multi-day events, lodging and meals for7Thunders teams will be a necessity. Depending on the ministry location, the size of our team and other factors, a home stay or hotel room may be most appropriate. Whether home stay or hotel, we do request that accommodations have internet access and they be as near to the ministry sites as possible.

Special Requests

Due to the nature of our ministry and the number of teams 7Thunders sends out, we ask for your consideration and understanding when special requests are made in order to make the event a success. 7Thunders will make every effort to make special requests known in advance to the host and that they are agreed upon by the host location’s director.

Digital Media Recordings & Photographs

Audio Recordings

7Thunders requests master recording copies of all 7Thunders sessions (both worship & teachings). DAT is requested & preferred however, traditional audio CD will be fine.

Please inquire further if your ministry intends to reproduce and make available for sale copies of teachings presented by 7Thunders as some of our teams have preferences and specific requests in this area.


7Thunders requests digital copies of all photographs. 7Thunders also reserves the right to reproduce those photographs for the use and promotion of the 7Thunders message. They may be used on our website, newsletters, product covers and other means.