Daniel Lim

Kirk and Dee Bennett have demonstrated an authentic and consistent life of prayer and the Scripture over the decades of their ministries. They have successfully discipled many young people who have taken on the lifestyle of prayer and Christian ministries with a paradigm of New Testament priesthood (1 Peter 2:9). The Lord has used Kirk and Dee to minister to Christian leaders from many nations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Kirk and Dee Bennett have been serving on the senior leadership team of the International House of Prayer, Kansas City and pioneered the Zadok House of Prayer, South Carolina. Kirk and Dee’s three children are fervent worshippers and servants of the Lord. My family and I have been personally blessed by the Bennett’s life and ministries.

Daniel Lim


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7Thunders in a non profit organization dedicated to funding the next generation into encounters with Jesus as a lifestyle.

The funds donated go to individuals/families living missionary lifestyles, doing missions works with the believing poor in other cities, and training individuals and groups to hear 'the voice '.

We are diligent to see to it that the funds facilitate the "end users" (God's missionaries) doing what they are made to do.