Core Team


Kirk Bennett is a father, senior leader, prophetic consultant and coach in the global spiritual encounter movement of God. He is spiritual director of 7Thunders (ministry). As a husband, father and grandfather he is encouraging and building the spiritual family in the nations. Based in Kansas City, Kirk and his teams travel empowering believers to encounter God and get their voice directly before Him. He visits cities watching the movements of God and facilitating partnership with God in cities, churches, and prayer houses in over 35 nations and 500 places. His ministry is mandated to; Be hours before the Lord, Preach to the poor in the nations, and Reproduce the priesthood of the believer in successive generations. Kirk coaches houses of prayer and churches to build the way that God is building in order to see the church that Christ leads, shining in His brightness.

7T28 (2)

Dee Bennett operates in a strong grace of prophetic and intercession. A mother in the movement and a teacher on topics such as “The Spirit of Wisdom”, “Prophecy” and “Song of Solomon,” Dee ministers the Lord’s heart to others in a public setting at conferences, retreats, and other special events.


Megan and Ben are intercessory missionaries at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Megan is originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Ben is from Littleton, Colorado. They have each been in full-time ministry with the House of Prayer for over 5 years, working with various different programs on base. Megan initially served in various capacities for different internships as well as managing and teaching a week-long program called “Immerse” which hosts people from all over the world who come to get a taste of IHOPKC. Ben has been a financial administrator in the Events Department, Forerunner Music, and Partner Development as well as a teacher at the International House of Prayer University. After returning from pioneering a house of prayer in Hong Kong for 4 months, they now coach students in the prayer room at IHOPKC, give leadership to a missionary sending agency, and travel to other praying communities to encourage and strengthen them. Ben & Megan are both passionate about teaching and imparting the values of worship, prayer, and intimacy through ministering to the Church worldwide with a vision to build the House of Prayer in the nations as a married couple.


Brad has served and ministered in 30 nations since 1999. In 2009, he returned to the United States to pursue a masters degree in international business while serving on staff at a local house of prayer in his home town in Arkansas. In 2013, he moved to Kansas City, and currently serves as an part-time intercessory missionary at the International House of Prayer, and works in the marketplace. He has been ministering and traveling with 7Thunders teams both in the United States as well as internationally and serves as meditation team facilitator and administrative help for the office.

Krista is 30 years old. She is a multi gifted prophetic singer and musician (several instruments) as well as an artisan in the IHOPKC in Kansas City. She teaches and ministers prophetically as well as inspires people to enter in to spiritual encounters with God. She travels the world and brings encouragement and awakening to the body of Christ. She has been a full time intercession missionary for nearly 10 years.

Chase and Erica are both intercessory missionaries at the International House of Prayer, and serve on the 7Thunders team for several years. Chase is an IHOPU graduate, and is currently on their staff as a building manager, and leads various IHOPU discipleship groups and outreaches. He encountered Jesus in 2009, and soon accepted the call to be a forerunner at the OneThing conference 2009.  Erica is a full time worship leader, songwriter and musician. Although she has led worship for over 10 years, her heart has come alive singing the word and prophesying through worship in the context of night and day prayer. Erica studied music at Southeastern University and plays the piano and french horn. She has also taught at the Forerunner Music Academy at IHOPU. They both travel and minister together internationally with 7Thunders.


Eric has been in the prayer movement as a full-time priest/intercessor since the Fall of 2010, in several prayer rooms ranging from Minnesota, Arkansas, Jerusalem and now Kansas City. He knows that God is doing something amazing in the nations. The body of Messiah is waking up to the fact that her rightful place is ministering before the Throne of God. His heart is the to see this generation and the next from the nations and Israel walk in their full inheritance.