Billy Humphrey

Kirk Bennett and the 7Thunders team are a great gift to the body of Christ and the prayer movement across the earth. Kirk ministers with a unique prophetic edge and a specific understanding of the times and seasons we are living. Having known Kirk and Dee and their family for many years I can also affirm their outstanding integrity and Godly character. I recommend Kirk and his team and want to encourage you to partner with them.

Billy Humphrey

Director, IHOP-Atlanta

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Give To 7Thunders

7Thunders in a non profit organization dedicated to funding the next generation into encounters with Jesus as a lifestyle.

The funds donated go to individuals/families living missionary lifestyles, doing missions works with the believing poor in other cities, and training individuals and groups to hear 'the voice '.

We are diligent to see to it that the funds facilitate the "end users" (God's missionaries) doing what they are made to do.