A Word for the Prayer Movement

I saw it in the Spirit- A Company of 50 Youth in each Prayer Room

In recent months I have mentioned to some of you the significance of youth in the House of Prayer (that homeschool networks could be ‘farm clubs’ for the HOPs) and while many would love to have the next Misty Edwards or Justin Rizzo walk in their door to take the lead of their music department in the prayer room, I am convinced that God is passionate for something different or even something more wonderful at this time.

I am convinced that IN THIS HOUR, God is jealous for, and would give grace for, the next generation to enter in and minister to Him immediately if we will make a way for them. I just left the ‘old trailer’ prayer room here in Kansas City where day and night prayer began in September of 1999. Tonight (and most every night) there are full teams of young people (from ages 12-18) leading the room in worship with the word or intercession sets. The sets are anointed, the sound is excellent (the sound tech is a teenager as well) the spirit is moving and there are maybe 2-5 people besides the team in the room. Most prayer rooms in the nations have the same attendance. The singers are mostly young girls taking notes in their notebooks and their bibles as they sing the scriptures! What will they be in a spirit of grace in the next five years! They are looking for more understanding and deeper vocabulary to sing the word. I harkened back to our early IHOPKC days, and with our best singers there was not near this clear a sound and anointing in the room most of the time. The amazing thing is that almost no one even hears what’s going on in that room tonight except God. AND HE LOVES IT!

I can’t explain the urgency I feel tonight to raise up the young ones in the secret place, giving them everything we can (instruments, equipment, free lessons, coaches, a way of understanding and a life course) so that they can move in their anointing before the Lord now. It takes about 15 years to raise up a true prophet that can minister to the Lord and people in meekness and music and song. By the time Houses of Prayer are recruiting a person, they are already on a life course that has to be redirected and those adults will usually be moving on within a year or two. Often times if these stay they will tend to block the doors from the young ones getting in until the older ones get their anointing. DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUNG ADULTS TO COME WALKING IN YOUR DOOR, BUT RAISE THE YOUTH TO BE THOSE YOUNG ADULTS. Put a microphone in their hand now.

1Chronicles 25:8 And they cast lots for their duty, the small as well as the great , the teacher with the student

The Lord wants to set the small in place before Him. This is not about a model of prayer but a King who is worthy of continuous prayer and praise from His people. The children and youth are available and we need the older to set the younger in place that a Corporate Prophetic Priest would arise in the day of His power!

I exhort you to go after a Company of 50 Young Ones being being trained and released to minister in your prayer room. They may not all be there at one time but they are each in the room training to minister to God 2-6 times minimum each week. Get children’s internships and youth internships going as well before the summer months.

God will have an army of lovesick worshippers and He is inviting us to find them in this season and set them into place immediately.


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